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  • Alan Brandt Alan Brandt 6. Formally trained in architecture, Alan understands how to make it sing in photographs. He beautifully composes light, space and form to illustrate the concepts behind the designs. To balance the commercial work he usually has several personal projects underway the underline our relationship with the built and natural environment.
  • Bruce Jackson Bruce Jackson When creating images, my intent is to provide pathways by which you and I enter the natural world, and experience the beauty, sacredness and wonder that lies within both Nature, and ourselves. When we approach the natural world with reverence, we align with the truth that each of us is literally a part of the Earth. We begin to experience the deeper feelings of wholeness, balance and communion that we all desire. This is the gift of Nature.
  • Christian Heeb Christian Heeb Christian Heeb is known worldwide for his stunning Photo images of scenic landscapes, lush environments as well as vibrant city scenes. He may be best known for his images of Native American People and has published over 130 coffee table books, countless calendars and numerous magazine articles. Christian has spent the last 25 years traveling the globe, over 5 continents and 70 different countries. His images, rich in color with a dramatic perspective, capture the flavor and splendor of each unique location.
  • Paula Bullwinkle Paula Bullwinkle 8. Paula Bullwinkel was hired by Andy Warhol and photographed Kevin Bacon, Morgan Freeman, and many more notables. She’s had photographs in many of fashions top magazines, but now chooses to live here where she creates narrative photographs and oil paintings.
  • Richard Frederick Richard Frederick 8. Paula Bullwinkel was hired by Andy Warhol and photographed Kevin Bacon, Morgan Freeman, and many more notables. She’s had photographs in many of fashions top magazines, but now chooses to live here where she creates narrative photographs and oil paintings.
  • Robert Algi Robert Algi 1. As a visual communications problem solver, to Robert subject matter is secondary to the intent of the piece. After years of providing commercial services and portrait work his fine art photographs have been a part of many exhibitions.
  • Vern Bartley Vern Bartley 4. As an Image Creator , Vern is an artist who creates his art by utilizing diverse media. Like the artist who uses paper, paints, brushes and ink, An Image Creator strives for the ultimate in perfection. His final product is something he captured earlier in his mind and lovingly releases a duplicate image on paper.
  • Clyde Keller Clyde Keller Clyde Keller's photo odyssey including his prized Robert F. Kennedy photographs. We are a web based fine art internet store specializing in the photographic art of Clyde Keller since 2005. At this store you can view Clyde's vintage RFK photos, documentary and fine art photography portfolios and collections. This website offers his entire catalog of iconic portraits and Pacific NW imagery spanning over 40 years of creativity. His unique art is available for sale as museum grade archival giclee prints.
  • Stuart Gordon Stuart Gordon I am drawn to photograph the small details in the landscape as much as grand vistas. My goal is sharing my deepest emotional response to a scene. I become a translator, or interpreter, rather than merely a documenter of reality. I become an artist. I create images that capture the poetic moments of my life with such passion that the viewer feels the thrill and joy I felt at the moment I pressed the shutter and is moved the same way I was moved. Through my choice of lens, perspective and subject, my goal is to make the viewer feel that if he took one more step, he would enter the image and be standing there next to me.
  • Sandra Steele Kunz Sandra Steele Kunz Sandra Steele Kunz is a Central Oregon photographer with her lens trained on the world. Her love of travel and diverse cultures has led her to photograph around the world, especially Asia and India. Her favorite photographic subjects are Buddhist cultures and environmental portraits of women and children. None of her portraits are posed. She prefers those that result from a mostly unspoken communication, through eye contact, smiles, gestures and laughter.
  • James Nicol James Nicol The thoughts, ideas, and memories that are captured in a these paintings are a window into the creative minds of those who designed them. The individuals who helped design and commission these works not only provided friends and family with the gift of a moment, memory, place, or time, but also poured a piece of themselves into each photograph, color, and material selected.
  • Ellen Bishop Ellen Bishop 5. “My photography is an extension of my interest I the Earth’s geologic and living systems. It focuses on the landscapes and ecosystems of the Pacific Northwest, as well as the American West. It also documents patterns and processes that formed our landscape, as well as the processes that are active today.”
  • Dorothy Freudenberg Dorothy Freudenberg By combining photography with the vast capabilities of a digital darkroom, Dorothy works in programs that allow her to build multi-layered pieces, she transforms what were realistic photography renditions into expressions of internal emotional conditions or fanciful landscapes with brilliantly-colored, painterly qualities. Years of study in black and white photography have expanded into a new art form, one with an astonishing range of tools that leave room for an unlimited range of possibilities, challenging her to continually engage in experimenting and expanding her expressive capabilities.
  • Dorota Nowak Dorota Nowak Vibrant images of animals, people, and places from around the world through the eyes of Dorota.
  • Doug Cristafir Doug Cristafir Doug Cristafir's photographic/painted images represent a personal style that has organically developed over 25 years. First as a successful airbrush acrylic painter, then combining photography with painting. Viewing his landscapes is like seeing a natural wonder for the first time. They are timeless and pristine and beckon us to feel the primal places within us that connect us to our beautiful planet..
  • Timothy O Sutherland Timothy O Sutherland To capture a moment forever in time that may have moved me in some emotional way to want to share that particular experience with others. Whether watching a radiant sunset, cast long shadows, reveling hidden texture in the Grand Canyon, or the complete feeling of awe gazing upon the ruins of an ancient civilization. To see the remains of powerful cultures that thrived perhaps a thousand years ago then vanished in less than a generation is a moving experience.
  • Elinay Nature Elinay Nature Through years of travel and study I have had the privilege to photograph and rehabilitate Bald Eagles for many years, I hope you can see the joy they bring through my photos! Landscapes and Macro studies also fill my world of wonder.
  • Ken Simms Ken Simms I strive to create a unique point of view of the world, whether it be through a lens that's following a speeding cyclist, child at a playground or dog chasing an errant tennis ball. Having that same ideology applied to my creations constructed out of the odd, recycled bit, it's my hope that it brings a moment of intrigue from you, the viewer.
  • Natasha Bacca Natasha Bacca 2. Combining contemporary and archaic processes to push the bounds of conventional photography, Natasha’s unique and US patented (in process ) photographic styling has even aspired to one of our most beloved local seasonal beverages (Deschutes Brewery’s Jubelale). A must see for aspiring photographic artists looking for a niche on the creative side.
  • Jason Rydquist Jason Rydquist I practice event photography, portrait photography, design, and practically anything else. Whatever the medium, I work proactively with clients to produce profound, prominent projects that are profitable. My promise. My favorite objective of art and design is provoking thought. When a viewer or user has walked away with prophetic awareness or understanding, I know I’ve achieved my goal.
  • Lalove Benedict Lalove Benedict My artwork is peppered with bits and pieces of the places I have been. While certain themes often reemerge, there is always an element of experimentation, mystery, and surprise with each piece. My hope is that my art offers a bit of magic and inspiration to you as well.
  • Mark Andrews Mark Andrews I love photography and the hunt for disappearing historic Oregon. My focus is Central Oregon landscapes. Published in local and national publications and have won awards for my work. Featured artist for three years at Marcelos in Sunriver. I have a degree in art and photography and have been taking photos for over 40 years.
  • David Adams David Adams I love to transform a landscape scene through the creative process into something the viewer can immerse themselves in. Wilderness and the natural beauty of the outdoors inspires me to find off the beaten track unique places and capture the feeling with my camera. Adventurous by nature I enjoy the solitude, the exploration, and the physical nature of the landscape photography experience.

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  1. Adams, David
  2. Agli, Robert
  3. Andrews, Mark
  4. Bacca, Natasha
  5. Bartley, Vern
  6. Benedict, Lalove
  7. Bishop, Ellen Morris
  8. Brandt, Alan
  9. Bullwinkel,Paula
  10. Cristafir, Doug
  11. Frederick, Richard
  12. Freudenberg, Dorothy
  13. Gordon, Stuart
  14. Heeb, Christian
  15. Jackson, Bruce 
  16. Keller, Clyde
  17. Kuntz, Sandra Steele
  18. Nature, Elinay
  19. Nicol, James
  20. Nowak, Dorota
  21. Rydquist, Jason
  22. Simms, Ken
  23. Sutherland, Timothy O